We are pioneer manufacturer of Tents in India since 1943 hence more than 60 years of experience. With the lapse of time, Tent industry has fathered new dimensions. In olden times tents were extensively used on occasions ranging from Durbars to wedding and Hunting Expeditions. We have recreated this traditional crafts into a contemporary lifestyle. The art calls for an exciting use of fabrics, colours, motifs, accessories etc. The process involves a complete handwork, without the aid of any power. The traditional patterns of patchwork designs, tassels, braidings, embroidery, mirror work, applique, wood block printing etc. Incorporation the crafts of the regions are the main features to provide an artistic and ornamental touch to this job oriented, echo-friendly and cottage industry.

Apart from the variable uses of tents in the domestic market, designer tents are now, being exported all over the world by us for variety of purpose like restaurant, nightclubs, sports pavilions, beach resorts, receptions, farmhouse individual or group abodes etc.

Tents are offen put to rigorous exposure to sun, dust and rains. Hence these important consideration in our workmanship have earned us a great deal of goodwill and fame for quality tents in India and abroad.
We are thus, dedicates to reviving an ancient traditional with in a contemporary context
Note : -
At Chelsy Flower show, London, our manufactured tent was awarded IInd best among pavilion from all over the world. Her Majesty queen Elizabeth II inaugurated the show & Prime Minister of England Mr. John Major gave the IInd prize.
At International Trade Exhibition, our designer Tent won the award of best camping Tent.
Many V.V.I.P. (Like president of Singapore, President of Sri Lanka etc.) had stayed & dine in our traditional crafted Tents.
The press media all over the world has appreciated & acclaimed our new created Tents.
Acccoding to Rob report out of 10 enteries our manufactured tent for Aman - A - Khas was recognized as best leisure tent in the world.

Excerpts from Hotel and Food service Review

"Marwar Tents, a manufacturing company run by the Singhvi family, with half a century's experience in tent - making them, right in Jodhpur. You don't have to devastate a landscape by putting up steel and concrete structures for tourists. The tents measure 27 feet by 30 feet and are divided into sleeping and living areas. There is a small sit - out in front and a bathroom which provides an hot bucket bath and the modcon of a bathroom with a flush. Interiors are lined with soft printed cloth, the ground covered with jute matting. The furniture is safari style, sturby but light and portable. Even the mosquito netting is colour coordinated. To go with the desert. Their product are more sophisticated than the existing creations of traditional craftsmen from U.P. says Rajesh Singhvi of Marwar Tents, These value - added tents have immense possibilities, They are designed and made better. The market is sure to open up".
Excerpts from Business Standard
"Marwar Tents, a manufacturing company run by the Singhvi family, with half a century's experience in tent making".
Excerpts From Magazine
"Exported all over the world now, each piece is made by using cream coloured, water proof canvas for the outer fly, with wood block prints on cotton sheeting for the interiors done in soft natural colours. Beside a standard range, special design projects with customized themes, applique  motifs, embroidery, tassels, braiding, mirror work etc. are also undertaken. These are supplied with a full set of pole - pegs and ropes for attachment, together with a pitching plan and comprehensive pitching instructions, ground sheets, woven in jute with a plastic backing are also available in matching colours and sizes".

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